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Ceramic Coated Panels


Aluminum Ceramic Coated Panel is applying a ceramic coating, mainly composed of nano-inorganic silicon dioxide, to the metal substrate to achieve high heardness of the surface.    

Aluminum Ceramic Coated Panels are widely applied in subway stations, railway stations and other public areas due to its extrodinary performance on high hardness, strong resistance to scratch and impact.    


  • Strong resistance to weather    

  • Fire rating of A1    

  • Resistant to soiling. Easy for cleaning.    

  • The surface hardness can reach up to 9H.    

  • High hardness, resistance to scratch and impact.    

  • Diversified coating finishes    

  • Recyclable aluminum, environment friendly    


Material thickness1.0mm-3.0mm
CoatingSilica ceramic coating
Maximum size1500*4000mm  
Installation systemDesinged to many choices of installation system upon request


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