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Aluminum Honeycomb Panel


The Aluminum Honeycomb Panel adopts composite technology from the aircraft industry, which has the features of large surface, light weight and good flatness, and can be applied in many scenarios.    

It is approved by the scientific research that the structure of the honeycomb aluminum core can increase the compressive strength on the use surface by 100 times.



  • Available for perforation/non-perforation options with superior appearance;   

  • Variance customized shapes with curve/fan/etc solutions;    

  • Extraordinary visual flatness with aesthetic installation performance;    

  • Big panel size;

  • Fire rating of A2;    

  • Good performance on heat insulation and sound absorption;    

  • Easy to install and dismantle;    

  • Diversified coating finishes;    

  • Recyclable aluminum, environment friendly.    


Typical front skin0.7mm-1.0mm aluminum alloy, grade 3005H26
Typical back skin0.5mm-0.7mm  aluminum alloy, grade 3005H26
Typical honeycomb core0.08mm thick honeycomb, grade 3003H18
CoatingPre-coating, three coats and three baking, custom color matching upon request
Panel thickness10~50mm
Panel weightVaries 6.5~13.3kg/m2
Maximum size2000*12000mm



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